Dear Centenary members and friends

Have you ever taken a risk of doing something new? This Sunday morning, being able to communicate through Facebook live was a frightening endeavor. Knowing one of my strong suits is speaking to an audience, I did not know if I was capable of preaching without one.

I have taken many risks in my life one of which includes immigrating to the United States. Here, I learned to live with people of all cultures and adapt to new surroundings. It is a risk many immigrants take for a better life for themselves and their families.

Why do we take risks? What happens to us when we take risks? Where is God in the risks we take? Leaving the familiar and opening up to the unfamiliar is a leap of faith that makes us vulnerable to heartaches, pain, but also new possibilities. It stretches our imagination.

I reflect upon the story of our faith ancestors Abraham & Sarah who were entrusted with a promise from God. Abraham and Sarah had no way to find out how God’s promise of creating a nation through them will come to fruition in their lives. In this process they had to leave their home and move to a new place where God was calling them. They were clueless about how to live in this uncertain time.
Friends are you encountering this unknown as we face the COVID- 19 virus scare that is gripping our world?

What risks are you taking in your life that reveal God’s promise to you?
By asking these questions you are challenging yourself to reflect on the God’s promises in your life. Abraham and Sarah were faithful witnesses to God’s calling and promise in their lives. We can remain faithful to God’s calling in our lives by trusting in God’s promises.

I hold you close in my prayers.
Please let us know if you or your loved ones are facing any emergencies so we can help.

Pastor Anna

Scripture to reflect on: Genesis 17:1-17